About Aerides Designs

Aerides Designs offers artisan handcrafted jewelry made exclusively with exceptional semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver. All pieces are original designs of delicate, timeless, romantic jewelry. Every piece of jewelry is designed, created, photographed, packed and shipped by me to you, from my small home studio in Florida.

Aerides was born from my two creative passions: to create romantic timeless jewelry, and to create, own, and manage a small craft business. The intimacy of the process, from selecting just the right stones for each piece, working on the layout and wrapping gems and silver together, photographing each detail to show you, to imagining who will enjoy each piece and sending them off to her carefully packed, provides a sense of fulfillment unique to this small world. 

Aerides isn't the easiest name to remember (or pronounce: air-eh-deez), but I love orchids, and this is one of my favorities. Literally translated it means "of the air", and is also known as a cat's tail orchid. Not a big flashy orchid one might see displayed on a friend's coffee table, but dainty flowers in a curving cascade. And I guess that's how you could look at my jewelry -  delicate pieces you can wear without getting too much attention, but your friends will notice.

I have been creating jewelry for many years, offered online since 2010. I have a fondness for Iolite and Garnet, but also love working across the spectrum of semi precious gems such as Amethyst, Topaz, and Citrine. And I love dreaming up designs that bring together many different stones. I use sterling silver, and offer a small collection in Gold Fill. 

For my larger collection, please visit my Etsy shop, http://www.etsy.com/shop/AeridesDesigns

I hope something here connects with you.